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Silver or White Fillings?

Dental Amalgam is a commonly used dental filling that has been used for over 150 years; it is a mixture of metals. Amalgam has many advantages over other restorative material, such as lower cost, greater strength, and durability which translates into a long lasting and reliable filling.

Amalgam possesses greater longevity than other direct restorative materials, such as white fillings. On average, most amalgam filings can last for 10 to 12 years, whereas resin-based composites (white fillings) serve for about HALF that time.

There are circumstances when a white filling serves better than amalgam. Such situations include, but are not limited to, when a filling needs to be done in a cosmetic area. 

The white filling material that we use is Bis-GMA free.

The American Dental Association Council on Scientific Affairs has concluded that both amalgam and composite materials are considered safe and effective for tooth restoration.

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